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YuHangRen is the largest enterprise in the world combining technology, industry and trade with its advanced world standards in the comprehensive development of Fructus Hippophae, or commonly known as seabuckthorn.
For the past few years, the company has conducted extensive and intensive studies and research on the nutritional and pharmacological aspects of Fructus Hippophae, with the backing of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and in collaboration with Nan Kai University, Hua Dong Teacher’s Training University, Jiang Nan University and other international scientific research institutions. It is conducted using Critical CO2 extraction, foramen magnum tree gum absorption techniques, membrane technology, biological technology and other natural plant extraction techniques utilizing hi-tech nanometre technologies in the production of more than 200 types of products including the SNE Capsules.
Now, SNE and YuHangRen are one.

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